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SOHO Broadband

SOHO Broadband is used for businesses of any shape or size such as small offices or home offices.

The following key features and plans are suited for small businesses:

- Unlimited traffic
- Unlimited sessions
- 24/7 support. Call us now on 01-594 207
Plans Monthly Fee*
Up to 128Kbps for upload and 512Kbps download $ 100
Up to 1Mbps for upload and 2Mbps for download $ 200
Up to 2Mbps for upload and 4Mbps for download $ 400
Up to 3Mbps for upload and 6Mbps for download $ 600

For details on pricing and service range, please contact our Corporate Sales team.

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Residential Support 24/7
Call us at 1282 or 01 594733

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