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Please fill in the following information to report any anomaly you are facing while using the service, this is an Alpha Pilot launch so please be patient:
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Test Results:
Focus on the areas listed below:
Please look at this part of the service and provide feedback:

User interface
Test the interface and check how easy it is to find the object and content you are looking for. Is it easy to purchase content? Is it easy to start the content? And other parts that you feel is missing?
First make sure you have a good connection with a minimum of 1.5 mbit/s stable connection on Wifi or 3G. Then start a movie and see if the quality of the movies is good on you device.
And also, please rate the quality of the content that is available through the service.
The following features must work correctly:

- Register new user
- Log in and out
- Browse content, search content, click content
- Trailers for all movies
- Rent a movie
- Purchase TV package
- Watch movies & TV
- Favorite list for movies

Response time
Please check your bandwidth and your connection stability before providing a feedback on the response times in the service.
Make sure you have a minimum of 1 Mbps and a stable connection.

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